About us

Poetry Feed HE is brought to you by people using poetry to support learning, teaching, and research in higher education.

Sue Watling (@suewatling on Twitter) is an Academic Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Adviser at the University of Hull in the UK. Sue didn’t enjoy poetry at school and preferred prose to poems. Then she discovered Small Dreams of a Scorpion by Spike Milligan and realised poetry is about observation rather than anything arcane or obscure.  Today Sue thinks of poems as being like people. We get on with some more than others and likewise the voices of some poets will speak to us directly while others lack resonance. Which is fine. The important thing is to give poetry a try.

Sam Illingworth (is a Senior Lecturer in Science Communication at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK. As well as writing about himself in the third person, Sam really enjoys using poetry to help to engage students and to develop a sense of belonging with the university environment. Sam also writes a weekly blog, in which he writes a poem about a new piece of scientific research. His favourite poets (at the moment) are Richard Brautigan, Miroslav Holub and Adrienne Rich.